Friday, December 9, 2016


I’ve conducted many weddings at many different times – but only once on Christmas Day itself. The group of people I saw were all family members who had come together from all over the place to be present.

For about half an hour I was introduced as a friend of the host and hostess to people who were surprised that they had never met me before; and wondered why I was there at what happened to be a family reunion.

Then suddenly, as a familiar piece of music flooded the room, everyone in the room stopped speaking. The surprise wedding had begun.

There will be a lot of celebrating going on in the next month, and here are some bits and pieces that might be of interest.

Down to Earth

Attended an author talk at the Caboolture Library. The author, Rhonda Hetzel who lives on the Sunshine coast spoke about her books, ‘Down to Earth’ and ‘The Simple Home’. 

According to the Penguin website, ‘Whether you want to learn how to grow tomatoes, bake bread, make your own soap and preserve fruit, or just be inspired to slow down and live more sustainably, Down to Earth will be your guide.’ 

At the same time I learned that the Caboolture Library was celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Hotel? Wedding!

My latest wedding took place at Mono Komo, Hotel Redcliffe. 

The setting and set up was very much like that of Belvedere Hotel. In the case of Belvedere Hotel, it was meant to be an outdoor setting, but turned into an indoor setting when the weather wouldn’t cooperate. 

In both cases the same room was used for both the wedding ceremony and the reception, although in the one case the tables were set up immediately after the wedding ceremony. 

Apart from Mon Komo and Belvedere Hotel– both of which are on the Redcliffe Peninsula – other very special hotels where I’ve enjoyed conducting wedding ceremonies include Full Moon at Sandgate, Stanford Plaza Hotel which is on the doorstep of Brisbane City Botanical Gardens; itself a popular place for wedding celebration and Conrad Treasury Brisbane Hotel, a heritage building described as 'the city's  most charming building' and which is also part of the Casino. 

There are many pluses for holding a wedding ceremony at a hotel, including the convenience of having the wedding and the wedding reception at the same place and being able to accommodate those of your wedding guests who intend to stay overnight.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beach Wedding Plan

Beach weddings are enormously popular. Beaches at Sandgate, Scarborough and Redcliffe include parklands and gazebo for the use of the wedding party.

At my latest wedding, which ended with a Sand Blending Ceremony, it looked very much as we might need shelter from possible rain. We were ready one way or the other, but in the end we had a perfect day.

Here are some planning hints for a beach wedding. 

1.  Take a walk on the time of day, and the day of the week which you favour for your wedding day to see just how popular the beach is. 

2.  If a dawn wedding appeals, check the weather forecast to ensure that your wedding day is the sunny day you expect it to be. 

3.  A beach wedding ceremony can be windy and very windy. Think about your wedding hairstyle and wedding dress when planning your beach wedding. 

4.  How about the tide? Do you know whether the tide will be in or out, and how it will affect the wedding site. 

5.  What about that wedding march? Will it be a rocky climb down to the beach or a walk in soft sand? Consider your wedding shoes, and that of your wedding attendants.

6.  When planning your beach wedding, think of your wedding guests. Can they walk barefoot? Perhaps part of your wedding planning can be a basket where they can leave their footwear. 

7.  Is there any protection from the sun? Warn your wedding guests to bring umbrellas and bring along a supply of bottled water and sun screen.

8.  Theme your wedding ceremony by including wedding rituals such as sand blending, pebble wedding wishes,  

9.  Decorate the beach wedding site by outlining with sea shells, coloured stones, flower petals, protected candles.

10. And always have another venue in mind just in case.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

10 Tips Planning a Public Garden Wedding

Some of the most popular Weddings performed take place in the many beautiful public gardens such as the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens. Take a walk though this extensive park bordered by the Parliament House on one side and the Brisbane River's northern banks on the other, with extensive gardens, ponds, and bird-filled trees. Before deciding on your wedding ceremony sites …

1.      Check out the nooks and crannies as well as those areas specifically designated as wedding lawns.

2.      Walk through the gardens to see the kind of setting you can have for your wedding ceremony. Gardens in bloom, ponds, waterfalls.

3.      Consider how much privacy you want and will get for your wedding ceremony in that particular area.

4.      Is there much noise from passing traffic, or water features, which might make your wedding ceremony difficult to hear.

5.      If finding the Wedding site is complex include a map with your wedding invitations and mark the area with ribbons or balloons – if allowed.

6.      Let your guests know whether the walk to the wedding site is flat or rocky, dry or muddy, so they can dress accordingly.

7.      See if there's any undercover area for you to have your wedding ceremony in case of rain.

8.      Find out if you need to book the area, and who to get in touch with to do so.

9.      Find out what conditions apply.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wedding at North Lakes Golf Club

A Club may have many facilities to make a great venue for a Wedding Ceremony and a wedding reception to follow.  When checking out a club for your wedding consider the following:
  • Will the wedding ceremony take place in one room, and the reception in another.
  • Has the club a special outdoor setting in which the wedding ceremony can take place, together with wedding photographs.
  • Has the outdoor ceremony site any shade for the convenience of guests during a hot summer wedding day. 
  • Similarly, if the area is not undercover, what is the backup plan if it rains on the wedding day.
  • See if you can get to see the wedding site when the staff is setting up for another wedding.
In the case of North Lakes Golf Club, an archway and chairs were set out in the grounds where the ceremony took place, and was followed by a reception indoors. 
Just as we were to sign the Register, we were interrupted by a short shower. We raced under cover, bringing our table and chairs and finished the signing sheltered from the rain.

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